Golborne Medical – West Ten GPs

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Access your test results

It is the responsibility of the patient to obtain any test results which have been performed and we encourage on line access for this, which is quick and easy to set up by our Administrative team if you attend the surgery with your ID (eg driving licence, passport)

Results Line

We operate a telephone results line between 2pm – 3pm every day with the Health Care Assistant for patients who would like to speak to a clinician. It is important we verify your details before we give any information out and will need to ask you certain questions in order to do this. Please have your mobile phone or access to an email at hand.

Blood Tests

Most blood tests are processed within 2 – 3 working days however specialist tests eg HbA1C for diabetes, rheumatological or hormonal tests can take upto a week to return.

The surgery will text you, if you have consented, if there are any borderline or abnormal results that need to be reviewed or repeated. If there are results needing urgent review you will also receive a phone call on the number held on your record. Occasionally a new prescription will be needed after your results and we can send this directly to your chemist. Please note we are unable to text about normal test results

You can also sign up to online access of all blood test results using your mobile number or email address.


Swabs and cultures for bacteria (including urine & stool tests) are available after 5 days and fungal cultures can take upto 6 weeks. We will usually send a text or phone you if they are abnormal, but we advise to always call for results in case you do not receive the message.


Please allow 2 weeks for the results, which will be sent directly to your home address from the Cervical Screening team.


The duty doctor will review your scan at the time of the result but formal results are available within 3 working days. These will be entered onto your clinical record. You will receive a text that “your ECG is satisfactory” or if there is further follow up needed, the ECG will be discussed with you by your doctor after they have


The standard turnaround time for scans (X-rays, Ultrasound, CT & MRI) is 2 weeks. The surgery will let you know that either “the scan is satisfactory and no further action is needed” or invite you for a follow up if the results show any abnormality. Sometimes certain scans, eg MRIs, can take longer to return, in which case please contact our Administration team who can look into this for you.