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Provider Collaboration Review recognises work to provide teaching and training in NW London during Covid

The Care Quality Commission, which ensures high standards of care in the NHS, wanted to find out how providers have collaborated to improve care for older people, who are most at risk of COVID-19.

They highlighted work done in North-West London, led by Dr Yasmin Razak, as an example of such collaboration.


Shared learning: North West London STP

To support patients in the community with the management of long-term conditions, the STP developed a COVID-19 learning forum that supported a wide range of clinicians to understand the impact on how to deliver safe and effective care remotely.

Led by primary care networks and specialists across secondary care, weekly webinars were developed on the rapidly changing disease, particularly focused on the tailored needs of primary care and the issues affecting patients in the community. There were 17 weekly sessions delivered with live questions and answers; 5,000 hours of training had been achieved, with more hours planned.

Attendees said that a range of high impact points were taken away from each session. There was effective access to specialists including those in diabetes, respiratory and musculoskeletal, which was critical and helped to change working practices for the benefit of patients who couldn’t be seen in hospital during the early part of the pandemic.


Read the full review here