Golborne Medical – West Ten GPs

16 Golborne Road, Ladbroke Grove, W10 5PE


Meanwhile with our Patients…

At two events in Meanwhile Gardens on 21st June, one hundred patients and friends of Golborne (Kensal) Medical saw and heard plans and designs for their new surgery on Kensal Road. 

Following food and drink in the courtyard garden, interior designers and a local artist – all patients of the surgery – presented to much enthusiasm in the factory building.  

Many signed up to be models for a community artwork to decorate the walls, with our patient Cordelia encapsulating the community spirit in stunning wall murals. Others committed to joining a group to programme the new surgery front area for community health creation, and contributed to selecting the colours for the look and feel of their new health centre. This was a culmination of hours of dedication from our patient advisors working hand in hand with the surgery team.

Interior Designers, Simon and Katherine, said

“Great projects of all sizes are about the client, the team, the patients and the community. We have had the honour of being both patients and design advisors to an incredibly thoughtful and considered client team, and an equally engaged and proactive patient participation group. 

The recent presentation day offered an invaluable opportunity to meet with fellow patients in our neighbourhood, and help as a guide to ensuring the scheme captures the hopes and desires of everyone. 

This will be truly inspirational home for our local GP surgery.”

Dr Yasmin Razak, GP Principal, said “Working in the NHS and in true partnership with our patients to co-create a new surgery design is something extremely valuable, and shows the power of working in communities. We are energised by this approach, grateful for all the commitment to a better health centre for Golborne (Kensal) Medical and look forwards to seeing the finalised designs”

Care Co-ordinator for Partnerships, Barney, who took charge of the planning of the day said, “It was a magical day to be among patients and friends who came to hear and be part of what is unfolding with our move to Kensal Road. It feels a huge privilege – as well as responsibility! – to be part of such a team and have such an opportunity to preserve and renew the future of community NHS Primary Care in this part of North Kensington.”

Working with our patients in Meanwhile Gardens, Kensal Road

If patients would like to participate, by being part of the artwork design, please contact Barney at the surgery or by email on [email protected]