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Referrals & Local Services

How am I referred to a service?

Some specialist services can be accessed by self-referral, and do not require a GP appointment. See the table below or click here for more information

Counselling and wellbeing support
Mental Health
Community Living Well
Musculoskeletal problems (Bone, joint and muscle pains)Healthshare MSK Service
Maternity servicesMyHealth London
Sexual Health
Family Planning
Sexual Health London
Jefferiss Wing Clinic, St Mary’s Hospital
Healthy lifestyle advice:
– Diet
– Smoking
– Stress
– Weight Loss
– Moving & Exercise
– Drinking
– Health Checks
Drug and Alcohol servicesTurningPoint

Some community or hospital services require a referral, and this is assessed and actioned by your GP.

After you have been referred

Most services will contact you with an acknowledgement of your referral within four weeks (two if it is urgent). If you have not heard from the service, you can contact them using the details above, ask at the practice, or if it is a hospital referral contact them using the details below:

More detail

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea offers a wide variety of Health Services available to patients by self referral, saving the need to make a GP appointment. Please click on the links below to review these.

At times, it may be appropriate for the doctor to refer you for further specialist care in one of our local Hospitals. This may be done through the NHS e-referral system, which provides the patient with the opportunity to choose from a selection of hospitals and subsequently book the date and time of the relevant appointment. All NHS specialist referrals are checked by the referrals team before appointments are booked, as there may be further tests needed or an alternative pathway which is better for you in accordance with clinical guidelines.

There may be occasions when it is not appropriate to refer you through the e-referral system. In this case, a referral letter will be sent to the hospital, who will subsequently contact you. If you do not receive an appointment or acknowledgement within four weeks (or two, if the referral is urgent), please contact the hospital.