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Press Release: Popular West London CCG Network Learning Forum Forges Ahead with 3500 hours of Online Primary Care Learning during Covid

26 June, 2020
In conjunction with our specialist teams, West London CCG Training Hub has been coordinating weekly focused interactive Primary Care webinars to meet the rapid pace of change in NHS services over the pandemic period.
We have converted our normal monthly face-to-face programme into a live online teams event with an opportunity for Primary Care to engage with Questions & Answers and focussing on an audience of over 300 GPs, as well as allied health care professionals in Northwest London and beyond. 

The programme has clocked a staggering 3500 hours of education to primary care clinicians in 10 weeks, with an additional unknown number of hours for webinars uploaded to to Health Education England’s (HEE) Learning Hub, where WLCCG Training Hub resources have proved very popular. Feedback shows an average score of 9.2/10 for the quality of the training programme. Attendees report more than 8 high impact, take-home points per session, which equates to 28700 quick improvements to day-to-day clinic practice. 
The webinar format ensures Clinicians’ skills are updated and that they are in touch with essential and cutting edge clinical knowledge and medical thinking, as well as service changes to improve patient care. Dr Yasmin Razak, Chair of the programme and RIPEN Lead, commented, “this is of particular importance during the Covid pandemic as face-to-face patient assessments are limited and services running at reduced capacity while staff are redeployed meet the challenges of Covid-19. Our core team have rapidly adapted both new technology and their roles for training purposes in the Pandemic”. 
Working alongside secondary care has improved our integrated care approach as an STP. Dr Razak has been joined by Dr Sarah Elkin, Clinical Director Integrated care ICNT & SRO for Respiratory Medicine, to co-chair the training programme and bring together the best elements of all of our systems. “The outputs at the end of each session attached to the presentation slides are a Q&A summary, a video of the webinar, STP-wide service updates and a one-page artistic graphic highlighting key messages”, said Dr Elkin. These are published directly to participants using Microsoft Teams.
WLCCG Chair & GP, Dr Andrew Steeden, commented on the particular success of the programme lying “in the commitment of the Training Hub team to work with Primary Care & be responsive to its needs”.
For more information contact:

Donna Hislop & Elaine Fallon
West London CCG Training Hub
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